Volume 52.2


sample haiku & senryu



an orphan earring
in the catch-all drawer
summer doldrums

Susan Antolin


end of summer
more bills and fake
bacon bits

Francine Banwarth


finishing packing
behind the wall
piano scales

Efrat Bloom


stepping stones
covered in moss
too late to forgive

John Budan


the lilac bushes they uprooted Grandpa

Maianne Berger


having said it
I take a long walk
in the cold

Michael Fessler


first snowman
my toddler sticks the carrot
below the belt

Terri French


evening fire
an old song crackles
on the turntable

Jennifer Hambrick


overcast afternoon
the lifeguard bends
unbends her leg

Michael Ketchek


unspooling my mother's yarns

David C. Reynolds


beach breeze
readjusting the umbrella
in my cocktail

Anthony M. Lusardi


srokte raehb . . .
teh cregaveir fwolols
hre maennig

Roland Packer


still dark —
I wait for my body
to catch up to itself

Pippa Phillips


jury duty
we take a vote
on lunch

Greg Schwartz


family mantel the ashes I'll inherit

Agnes Eva Savich


tide darkens
some of the driftwood
the other marriage

Dan Schwerin



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