Volume 45.2


sample haiku & senryu



discussing the budget
a steady dripping
from the eaves

Deb Baker


amber wheat fields—
no one talks about
the missile silos

Johnny Baranski


uncertain parting
simon says
i love you

Wanda D. Cook


christmas requires some assembly

 Robert Epstein


big smile
for the snapshot
9/11 memorial

Bill Deegan


twelve months remission
in a sidewalk crack

Robert M. Gilliland


nude beach
the shed skin
of the blue crab

Jeff Hoagland


unplanned c-section
all the cracks
in the road

Jessica Malone Latham


what would have been
our anniversary
scent of snow

Elliot Nicely


water water everywhere   words

 Sabine Miller



Roland Packer


Christmas morning
my son sinks
my battleship

Michelle Schaefer


first snow
the Ferris Wheel

Ikuyo Yoshimura




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