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"UFOs in Haiku"
Jim Kacian



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2014 Spiess Haiku Awards
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Where the River Goes: The Nature Tradition in English-language Haiku, edited by Allan Burns (United Kingdom: Snapshot Press, 2013). 479 pages; 5x7. Hardcover. ISBN 978-1-903543-36-8. Price: £26.00 from <>

One Rock Out of Place, by Jay Friedenberg (United Kingdom: Alba Publishing, 2013). 40 pages; 8 1⁄4 x 5 3⁄4. Glossy four-color card covers; perfectbound. ISBN 978-0-9575265-5-6. Price: $12.00 from <www.>

Clouds and More Clouds, by David H. Rosen (Northfield, Mass.: Lily Pool Press, 2013). 64 pages; 5 1⁄2 x5 1⁄2 . Glossy four-color card covers; hand-sewn. ISBN 978-1-628890-7. Price: $19.95. Inquire of the author at P.O. Box 5661, Eugene, OR 97405

Apology Moon, by Cherie Hunter Day (Winchester, Va.: Red Moon Press, 2013). 76 pages; 4 1⁄4 x 6 1⁄2. Glossy four-color card covers; perfectbound. ISBN 978-1-936848-28-7. Price: $12.00 from <www.>


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