Volume 52.1
Winter - Spring


sample haiku & senryu



wraparound porch
the sun climbs into a rocker
beside her

Jo Balistreri


pouring olive oil
into the sauté pan
my nightly enso

Brad Bennett


drought moon
another tear
in the window screen

Chuck Brickley


sky clearing
a wren wipes its bill
on a fence nail

Paul Chambers


pandemic neighborhood of unmended fences

Carolyn Hall


going deeper
for the silent treatment
autumn woods

Tom Cremin


before long
I too will be a house finch
face down in the grass

Robert Epstein


again and again
the same conversation

Jennifer Hambrick


missing paint
where our headboard
used to bump

Lisa Anne Johnson


pelicans circle the surfers awaiting the next wave

Sarah Paris


stay at home orders
fried chicken
crosses the road

Mariam Kirby


charcoal sky
one breath away
there be dragons

Mark Levy


first light
the soft clink
of last night's dishes

Tanya McDonald


yogi berra
in the bicycle spokes
going all the way

Don Wentworth


arranged she said
last wildflowers

Jamie Wimberly





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