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Volume 37.1
Spring 2006


sample haiku & senryu


funeral home
here too
she straightens his tie

Roberta Beary


Hitchhiking alone
I notice an ant
walking in my direction.

Billy Collins


Civil War reenactment
both the armies flee
the thunderstorm
John J. Dunphy


      85-year-old twin—
wearing hearing aid
      no longer identical

Bud Goodrich


summer school—
laughter passes under
a third floor window

Susan Marie La Vallee


quilting class—
cigarettes glow
in a row of pickup trucks
Fran Masat


end of summer—
pressing her body against
the sea wall
Scott Metz


three's a crowd
the butterflies
and         part

Katherine B. Steimann


spring sun
the click of her cane

Marilyn Appl Walker



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