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Volume 33.3
Autumn 2002

sample haiku & senryu



autumn sowing—
deep in a seed wheat sack
the farmhand's whistle

David Cobb


Silence this morning—
only the Buddha twirling
a flower in his fingers.

Billy Collins


morning bird song . . .
     the sniper paints his face
          pale green

Robert Gilliland


90th birthday
flickering candles
he can't blow out

m. harper


snow falling . . .
books one more deep
on the nightstand

Robert Mainone


spring rain—
garden overalls
clank in the dryer

Amy Hartl Sherman


Cool Clay

Behind the swarm of yellowjackets
a squirrel drinking water
feet in the cool clay, head way down

Gary Snyder


folding clothes
she points the way
with her head

Marilyn Appl Walker


whistling winds—
a view of the beach
through a knothole

John Wisdom




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