Volume 52.3


sample haiku & senryu



beneath the nest
a fallen robin's egg
crawling with ants

Barbara Ungar


awaiting her while she dresses —
      the yard bursting yellow
with daffodils

Wally Swist


old slave town
we put down
all our baggage

Crystal Simone Smith


plastic garden clogs
at the back door
in first position

Nancy Shires


church bells shoveling snow from the passage

James Knippen


trial separation
a light-night rerun
of Mission Impossible

Tom Painting


early bulbs
such vibrant colours
she left us

Maurice Nevile


talking politics
red white and bruised

Jayne Miller


light between leaves a note on the pillow

Jennifer Hambrick


all these years
still in her closet
dad's haiku

s. major-tingey


rattling windows
the voice

Yvette Nicole Kolodji


more than one language
        the mountain
             in view

Gary Hotham


inside the white picket fence behind closed doors

Ronald K. Craig


used bookstore
adding to the pile
of things I don't know

Jay Friedenberg


her mother's
way through

Helen Buckingham


motel office
on the postcard
the pool has water

Kathryn Bold


late autumn the park keeper sweeing up face masks

frances angela


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