Volume 51.3





Favorite haiku of the Summer 2020 issue:

late evening
each falling snowflake
an eyelid closing

George Swede

Favorite senryu of the Summer 2020 issue:

that leaky faucet
finally off my to-do list . . .
moving day

Stuart C. Baker


Favorite haibun of the Summer 2020 issue:

How We Got Here

Spun across space as star dust, as omnipotent motes, as the big bang’s cast dice. Rambling around the vastness like a hobo, like an empress, like Peregrine the Great. Then the overnight success: the right planet at the right time, wobbling around the right star. Seems like yesterday that cells joined and threw a party. Hasn’t ended yet. Dancing as the land shifts under us, and water rises, sinks, rises again. And again. Still the party continues. We cut irises for our vases, behold orioles through binoculars, provide cushions for our Airedales. Everyone—the irises, the orioles, the Airedales, and us—wears a party hat. Every breath the toot of a horn. Every sunset a reason to toast. Every birth a bright burst of confetti.

tearing down
the old theater
star dust

by Dian Duchin Reed      




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