Volume 51.1
Winter - Spring





Favorite haiku of the Autumn 2019 issue:

calendar page
     a tiny November
          in the corner of December

Laurie D. Morrissey

Favorite senryu of the Autumn 2019 issue:

Civil War statue
its rear end turned
toward Washington

Garry Eaton


Favorite haibun of the Autumn 2019 issue:

The Devil's Trill

He clutches the handle of my velvet-lined casket as we ride down the escalator. Once in position, he lowers me to the floor, snaps open the silver latches, and lifts me into the light. Placing his chin below my waist and cradling my neck, he plucks, hums, then strokes me with the hair of his bow. We weave and sway together, a marionette and his master. He always leads me in this dance, yet this time it feels as if I am unstrung, floating above the fray on the breath of a sonata, as my open case fills with coins.

train whistle
lost in the subway tunnel
a white moth

by J Hahn Doleman      




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