Volume 50.3


sample haiku & senryu



her hair pin
marking the page
on chemotherapy

Robert Witmer


female cardinal
my closet
of earth tones

Julie Warther


maple keys tomorrow a sermon on doors

Dan Schwerin


Mom reminds us
to watch our posture

Barbara Snow


autumn maple
my lesson plan
out the window

Tom Painting


harvest moon
the pull of the covers
across the bed

Debbie Olson


soup kitchen
a hole in the sole
of Santa's boot

Joe McKeon


Happy Hour
the fruit flies content
with the lemon

Scott Mason


to the woman
with earbuds
I mouth hello

Michael Ketchek


    just the living
our Christmas card

Gary hotham


Indian summer . . .
my grandchild
gives me a new name

Louisa Howerow


setting sun
climbing higher
in her favorite tree

Warren Decker


budget talks
a spoonful of agreement
over gumbo

Bill Cooper


my ex coming
toward us on the trail
smile lines

Tony Barfield


tadpole pond
a man holds
his son's ankles

Brad Bennett



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