Volume 50.2


sample haiku & senryu



on our way home
from the ICU
branches broken by snow

Francine Banwarth


last of the
. . . a crocus

Lori Becherer


fast train north my accent slipping back

france angela


her gardening blog
attracts a troll

J Hahn Doleman


crabtree shade
what would it cost me
to be nicer

Robert Epstein


eroded cliff
the slow emergence
of her past

Jay Friedenburg


a vacant playground
the drinking fountain
runs and runs

Rich Heller


the low necks
of horses
steady rain

Jessica Malone Latham


blizzard . . .
one phone call
after another

Edward J. Rielly


long past Christmas
the forgotten angel
in an upstairs window

Jennifer Thiermann


birdsong the only tree this morning

Don Baird


autumn rain
I heap more dirt
on the shoebox

Lew Watts




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