Volume 50.2





Favorite haiku of the Winter-Spring 2019 issue:

day moon—
the handwriting
on the envelope

Tina Crenshaw

Favorite senryu of the Winter-Spring 2019 issue:

in an organe bag
on the roof

Jay Howard


Favorite haibun of the Winter-Spring 2019 issue:


When making up a secret language of nouns and verbs easy to draw like little pictures of all only necessary things there nevertheless comes a time when you may want to express certain abstract notions of relationship.

bindweed clinging [to] preconceptions

A preposition I tell my nine-year-old daughter is a connection word that completes a circle of thought though she looks at me by me through me and wrinkles her nose.

sparrows feeding [on] my mind

Pronouns may be dealt with another day articles too but the question is how do you draw a figment of imagination as in away and before who can say what about that she’s gone and come back from her make-believe country with an iconography of liaisons to play with and for and because of.

squirrel chasing [after] my own heart

by Michele Root-Bernstein        




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