Volume 49.3


sample haiku & senryu



spring begins
all of my angles

Francine Banwarth


war memorial
the sun rises
on plastic flowers

Andrea Cecon


driving home
the twists and turns
of our conversation

Jay Friedenberg


finally spring just friends

Matthew Markworth


weighing her options
the abandoned
pot of basil

Melissa Howell


abandoned church
a few sheets of gospel music
on the music stand

Duro Jaiye


old red wagon
pots of all the plants
I forgot to water

Deborah P Kolodji


The respirator sounds
from the next room—
cloud-muffled moon-glow

Rebecca Lilly


wind through the pines
I add his death date
to the family tree

Annette Makino


cut down
in their prime . . .
funeral flowers

Robert B. McNeill


first day of yard work
working out kinks
in the garden hose

March Muirhead


every word the priest said hard rain

Bryan Rickert


tulip festival
migrant workers
pull the weeds

Victor Ortiz


firewood coming
off a truck—
another language

Brent Partridge


holding the warmth
as the sun goes down
sanctuary city

Christopher Patchel


her birthday
still on the calendar
last leaves

Ann K. Schwader


the night sky
drunk with stars
we're pregnant

Jim Sullivan


the wheat bends—
her last word

Louise Viera



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