Volume 45.3


sample haiku & senryu



her eyes less blue childhood doll

frances angela


crowded diner—
we save room
for pie

Francine Banwarth


the long night . . .
an old woman's loneliness
follows me home

Karen Cesar


family reunion
she works the lumps
out of the gravy

Susan Constable


my body
and his body—
plum afternoon

Kristen Deming


about a neighbor's wife run off
—first firefly

Robert Gilliland


in her bed

Jeff Hoagland


cold to the touch
a heavy chain lock
on the temple's door

Duro Jaiye


snow for the first time in years we hold hands

 John McManus


warm night
the honeymooners ask
about our marriage

Marcus Larsson


spring cleaning
I come across
my younger self

Ann Magyar


agate arrowhead
    tell me
        your story

Robert Mainone


hot summer night
each and every bump
of the blackberry

Ben Moeller-Gaa


distant thunder
whatever else
he was my father

Dave Russo


ever since
we lost touch
her cold hands

Ernest Wit


a battleship on the horizon a hinge

Peter Yovu




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