Volume 41.3
Autumn 2010


sample haiku & senryu


curling his finger
   around my finger
the oyster’s soft parts

Francine Banwarth


dead of winter
rail-thin models work
the new spring line

Cathy Drinkwater Better


first warm day
the kid in a Camaro
revs a challenge

Yvonne Cabalona


distant galaxies
all the things
I could’ve been

Aubrie Cox


the chicken pot pie
needs salt

Michelle Dixson


thrift store
second hand

Johnette Downing


carving the pumpkin
all by myself

Peter Joseph Gloviczki


floating in the sonogram summer moon

                                    Lee Gurga


all day long
this fever

Peggy Willis Lyles


pumpkin field—
as a boy I assumed
I’d visit the moon

paul m


fingernail moon
all that’s left
of the argument

Thomas Martin


stillborn calf—
farmer warming his hands
around a cup of coffee

Edward J. Rielly



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