Volume 40.1
Winter 2009


sample haibun


Les Gants

Mother goes down to the shore in the early morning light to walk off her melancholia. She follows driftwood and seaweed, the rhythm of waves washing pebbles up the beach and back again ... but often in times of trouble, she reverts to gloves, pulls on the first pair — acts like Audrey Hepburn in the opening scene of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” sporting those long black gloves … she looks to the brightness over the Pacific Ocean, removes the second pair of arm-length gloves in striptease fashion, emulating Rita Hayworth in “Gilda,”... she turns to the golden hues of the hills and third pair of gloves, which don’t wear well — is now probably thinking of Joan Crawford who never went outdoors without gloves — Lillian Russell’s large collection—Sarah Bernhardt’s long mousquetaires.… Mother stares in my direction, not acknowledging my presence.

splintering …
an empty crab shell
under her heel

by Dru Philippou



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