Volume 38.3 Autumn 2007




Favorite haiku of the summer issue:

ringed moon
rustle of the mouse
near the trap

paul m.

Favorite senryu of the summer issue:

astronaut floating
after it

Lee Giesecke

Favorite haibun of the winter/spring issue:


I miss them, my daughters when they were young. Reading The Hobbit in wintertime, snuggled in close, bodies and fire keeping us warm, rewarded with their pleas ... just one more page. I’ve nearly forgotten my reluctance to pick up the book in the first place.

I don’t remember being read to, but when I was sick, my mother sang lullabies while tucking me deep under the covers, only my nose and ears sticking out. I remember the melodies, but not the words.

old friends—
I place more wood
on the campfire

by Ray Rasmussen



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