Volume 38.2
Summer 2007


sample haiku & senryu


winter light
I find a bit of fur
on the porch

Deb Baker


radio war news
the soft serve ice cream stand
closed for the season

Jack Barry


first winter
away from home
snowflakes on my coat

Connie Cruz


could sell you anything
his coffin has a shine
not even snow sticks to

LeRoy Gorman


small town
my bicycle
knows the way

Erica LaMarche


we peel
sweet onions

Pamela Miller Ness


Gary LeBel


November evening
selecting just the right
Russian novel

Burnell Lippy


a lone duck
glides across the pond
me and my big mouth

Jay Santini


spring cleaning
the final notes
of an old music box

Mathew V. Spano


kayakers rolling down the gorge spring thunder

Jeffrey Stillman



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