Volume 38.1
Spring 2007


sample haiku & senryu


migrating geese
the canoe pulls
at its rope

William Cullen Jr


half a peach—
for years the memory
of that first encounter

George G. Dorsty


through an empty glass
that once held beer
she looks pretty

Chris Glutz


stacking firewood
with stiffening hands ...
soon, just ashes

Robert Hecht


time out
the setting sun
takes center field

Peggy Willis Lyles


toy soldiers
no wives
or children

Dorothy McLaughlin


up and down the aisle
playing bride and groom
all the cousins

Robert Moyer


we let
the wine breathe
slow moving clouds

Francine Banwarth


All Saints Day
overdue books

Helen S. Russell


political unrest
across the Mayan wall
shadows flicker

Ruth Yarrow



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