Volume 37.3
Autumn 2006

sample haiku & senryu


waiting for my lover
the song of the cicada
never changes

Shelly Chang


in shafts of windowlight —
I post a valentine

Ellen Compton


wedding picture
some of the dust
is hers

William Cullen Jr


two left feet
I salsa anyway
just to see her smile

Stephanie Dietrich


morning gossip —
the robin tugs hard
at a worm

Ferris Gilli


winter beach —
your wish to be sure
before we tell others

Marcus Larsson


drunken confessions
he can’t erase
my apprehension

Allison Lingren


no ketchup—
I wish things had gone
the other way

Peggy Willis Lyles


fisherman’s icebox
the look on her face
when she opens the chip dip

Edward Markowski


chat with an old friend—
only bones left
on our plates

Tyrone McDonald


the captive caterpillar
set free
crawls in circles

Melanie McLay



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