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Volume 33.2
Summer 2002

Letter from the Editor



Bob's sudden passing has been a shock to all of us. His steady hand and generous spirit have made Modem Haiku the most respected English-language haiku magazine on our planet. Those of us with more limited abilities are left to carry on. When Bob took over Modern Haiku, he was four years older than I am now. When he did his last issue, twenty-eight. In 28 years, I hope to be able to do as good a job as Bob did on the last issue.
I would like to sincerely thank the friends and patrons of Modern Haiku for their generous support over the years. We hope that your generosity will continue as we present today's haiku.

It is my hope that the contributors, subscribers, and friends of Modern Haiku will understand that the responsibility for the reputation of Modern Haiku rests as much with them as it does with the editorial staff of Modern Haiku. The quality of the poetry and essays in Modern Haiku can only be as good as the material you send us.

Bob was well-known for his generosity with his time and talents. Until we get the systems In place to produce and distribute the magazine, I will not be able to be as responsive to people's individual requests as I would like to be. Please have mercy and show your understanding by only submitting your best work and by limiting the frequency of your submissions.

The fall 2002 issue will be a memorial to Bob and his work. The issue will include the regular mix of poems, prose, and reviews as well as tributes to Bob. Feel free to send memorial material- but keep it separate from other submissions. Naturally, we will not be able to include everything everyone sends in-it would surely come to several hundred pages-but we will try to share a representative sample. Please note that the final decisions on this special material will not be made until after the deadline for the next issue, so please do not expect the usual two-week-turnaround on these submissions.

Thank you for your kind thoughts and wishes over the past several months. I look forward to getting to know all of you and your work better as we continue Bob's work with Modern Haiku.

Yours in haiku fellowship,

Lee Gurga




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