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Volume 33.2
Summer 2002

Letter from Bob Spiess



Because of a change in my physical health I find it necessary to turn over the editorship of Modern Haiku journal to Lee Gurga, MH's associate editor. It was agreed when Lee became associate editor that the editorship of MH would become his when I felt that I no longer could adequately carry out my editorial functions.

Also, it was agreed upon when our staff artist, John R. Reynolds, was appointed that he would no longer be painting illustrations for the covers, in order to give Lee a free hand in his production of Modern Haiku journal. John has been staff artist since 1984, and I have always valued the manner in which his paintings harmonize with MH's contents—as have you, from the many letters I have received to this effect. John, I wish you well.

I most certainly thank Lee for his superb assistance to me in the carrying out of my editorial functions. Lee has helped me in myriad ways and consequently lightened my work load. From now on send submissions, subscription renewals, etc., to:

Dr. Lee Gurga
PO Box 68
Lincoln, IL 62656

Lee, my heartfelt appreciation is yours.

Also, I thank Randy Brooks for his kindness in availing me of Millikin Unlversity's resources in the composition of the prose portion of MH.

And, as the saying has it: "Last but not least-and far, far from leastI most truly appreciate all of you who subscribe to Modern Haiku journal. Without you there could not be Modern Haiku. Please transfer the kindness you have given me to Lee, and please be patient with the transfer as Lee will have many technical details to handle.

I deeply cherish all of you and sincerely thank you for your faithfulness to Modern Haiku journal.

Humbly and with great affection,


[Robert Spiess died on March 13, 2002, in Madison, Wis.—Ed.]




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