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Volume 33.2
Summer 2002



Favorite haiku of the winter-spring issue:

dark darker—
too many stars
too far
Gary Hotham

Favorite senryu of the winter-spring issue:

Alzheimer's ward
Grandfather whispers
"aus gespielt"
Vanessa Adams

Favorite haibun of the winter-spring issue:

Winter has been generous with its snowfalls. The adults fretted over the inconvenience caused by the snow, but the children, delighted by the unscheduled holiday, built a circle of snowmen on the seminary lawn.

Today the warm rains began, and already the snowmen have begun to shrink and to take on the curvatures of old age. In the lamplight at dusk, they bring to mind the circle of Stonehenge. But unlike those ruined megaliths, the snowmen will disappear. In a few days they will be no more than lumps of snow on a greening lawn.

given to each man
his allotted span of days—
so too, the snowmen

Patricia Neubauer

Modern Haiku High School Seniors
Haiku Scholarship

The haiku that are the recipients of the 2000-01 Haiku Scholarships for high school seniors are as follows.

The fifteenth annual Kay Titus Mormino Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $500 to:

island sunrise-
watching the 'Opihi Man
gathering 'opihi

Berland Pedro

Moanalua High School
Honolulu, Hawaii

The fifth annual Geraldine C. Little Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $250 to:

autumn afternoon
a changeable breeze
sways the hammock
Benjamin Turner

School of the Arts
Rochester, New York

The eighth annual Nunzio Crisci Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $200 to:

she leaves
the night
Jason Kluck

Wahlert High School
Dubuque, Iowa

The second annual Karl Herzfeld Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $200 to:

shiny jewels glimmer
only common pebbles
transformed by spring rain
Elizabeth Miller

University High School
Normal, Illinois

We thank all the students who participated in this contest.




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