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Volume 32.3
Fall 2001



Best haiku of the summer issue:

summer's end—
riding a borrowed bicycle
past the graveyard
paul m.

Best senryu of the summer issue:

winter night & the
son of man has no dogma
to fill his head
Craig Barcal

Best haibun of the summer issue:

The Parting

The leaves are fallen. I am sitting alone, waiting for her. The night sky is visible through the branches and the moon burns in one triangle. A few leaves hanging in air are stuck to the moon. No sound but the crunching of leaves. She is here.

autumn moon
leaves clinging
to her anklet

Henna in her hands. She is being married to someone else. The air is cool on my face and she cannot see my eyes. I have never kissed her before. She would not let me. Even today.

I will take my leave from the girls' hostel. The door is creaky with rust. As I close the barred gate, she ties her hair. Shows me her new perfume.

autumn moon
she touches the musk
behind her ears

Pariksith Singh




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