Volume 54.3


sample haiku & senryu



summer's end
a perfect little patch
of three-leaf clover

Billie Wilson


smarly dressed entering
through a metal detector

Nathanael Tico


licking peanut butter
from my fingers
mouse trap

Martha Swiss


lukewarm soup —
pretending to like
my son's new boyfriend

Petra Schmidt


school recess
the excitement
around a mud puddle

Stephen A. Peters


opening dad's pocket knife the cold between us

Ron Moss


time to myself
at the stop light
check engine

Peter Newton


while away
their home was egged
cow bird

Robert B. McNeill


never blooms

Jeannie Martin


prescription renewal another belt notch

Joshua Gage


first kiss
the carousel pony
starts with a jolt

Michael Henry Lee


in the man-made pond
of a man-made park

Frank Higgins


passing gas
what else is there
on the journey?

Nicky Gutierrez


baby monitor a reassuring fart

Tim Cremins


new passport
my daughter checks
her height

Adrian Bouter


with the top down

Marilyn Ashbaugh



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