Volume 53.2


sample haiku & senryu



scent of lilac
   finding her
own way home

Jamie Wimberly


red leaves strewn
across wet asphalt —
my reckless youth

Barbara Ungar


crepe myrtyle
heavy with blooms
a friend's death

Bill Sette


all the colored lights
in the icu

Rich Schilling


just about spring
feeling for the latch
under the hood

Michele Root-Bernstein


ice age still dripping into it rainforest

Bob Redmond


reading obituaries
my wife and I
side by side

Edward J. Rielly


early frost
the litter of kittens
down by two

Bryan Rickert


she nibbles the tip
of his ear
chocolate rabbit

Debbie Olson


leonid streaks across the sky promises

Deborah P Kolodji


spring breeze
meeting her parents
at the grave

Joshua Mitchell


new year calendar
compliments of
the funeral home

Dan McKinley


walking the creek
barefoot for the first time
with my nieces

Anthony M. Lusardi


bone moon
picking through

Jessica Malone Latham


Auschwitz tourists —
all day a loose button
on the ground

William Keckler


the shadow
moving with all the others
a tree planted in her memory

Gary Hotham


New Year's Eve
another line
on the Covid test

Justin Brown


crab apples
the way she hides
her bitter side

Mona Bedi



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