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lakes & now wolves

Scott Metz

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Scott Metz. lakes & now wolves.
Lincoln, IL: Modern Haiku Press, 2012.
ISBN 978-0-9741894-9-9

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lakes & now wolves
by Scott Metz
with an introduction by Philip Rowland
Modern Haiku Press, 2012

The poems in this book are gathered under three section-headings, each based . . . on the opening phrase of Metz's signature haiku: "lakes / & now wolves / entering Pegasus."The first section, "lakes," gathers haiku that tend towards the conventional end of the spectrum in terms of form and seasonal nature-orientation. We see something of the romantic streak, as well as his playful allusiveness. . . . With characteristic playfulness, Metz accords "&" a section of its own, perhaps indicating that the poems grouped under that heading should be seen as transitional in the progress of his work, or an as interlude of sorts. . . . The poems in the third section of this book, "now wolves," often deviate further from the norms of syntax, punctuation and lineation. . . . Metz's haiku (or "ku," as he prefers to call them) are marked not only by his exploratory, language-oriented approach, but also by his erudition, fine ear and craftsmanship. —Philip Rowland

the distraction of
a question mark

Perfectbound, 64 pages

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