Volume 55.1


sample haiku & senryu



rock tumbler . . .
my children point out
my flaws

Valorie Broadhurst-Woerdehoff


ferns —
the repeating pattern
of loss

C.X. Turner


chocolate shop window
the child leaves
both handprints

Laszlo Slomovits


what we carry
what we let go
bird nest

Agnes Eva Savich


Car wash
if only I could
paint like that

Alexis Rotella


pulling the ladder up behind her depression

Mary Stevens


early frost
the neighbor rakes leaves
back into our yard

Jacquie Pearce


basil patch
she pinches back
the morning

Debbie Olson


a year gone
taking his truck
for a ride

MJ Mello


picnic in the redwoods the load a little lighter

Sarah Paris


falling leaves
dipping into
our savings

Sharon Martina


on the swing set
her dads at her back
spring sky

Barrie Levine


comet tail
the length of my

Ben Gaa


coming into her own mayfly

Kerry J. Heckman


before you
the wildflowers
just wildflowers

Katie Dozier


a breath
through each foot
sand dollar

Bill Cooper


four to hug it redwood

Carolyn Hall


old enough
my ears
have tassels too

Randy Brooks


knitting by the window
she was once
a mermaid

Fay Aoyagi



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