Volume 46.2


sample haiku & senryu



spring runoff carrying a tune

MIchele L. Harvey


grand jury
the oyster's
fabricated story

Fay Aoyagi


night without stars
so much talk
of suicide

Terry Ann Carter


high school diary—
unable to find the girl
I thought I was

Susan Constable


my body turns the milky way back into water

Brent Goodman


am I holding
them correctly?
worry beads

George Dorsty


that pine tree
years ago we refused to cut
each other down

Tom Drescher


half moon . . .
the women missing
from history

Rebecca Drouilhet



LeRoy Gorman


Released by the fence
around the missile silo—
the farmer's bladder

Johnny Baranski


the song I pick up
where the stranger leaves off . . .
spring warmth

Michele L. Harvey


swimming hole—
the first

PMF Johnson


ribbon of sand
left behind by the tide
summer love

Barbara Kaufmann


her suicide . . .
the church full of people
I think I know

Bill Kenney


summer evening
my mother helps me
with the dishes

Marcus Larsson


funeral clothes she unfolds the eulogy

John McManus


ladies luncheon
too much honey
in the tea

Lauren Mayhew


deboning the bass
for supper for one
autumn dusk

Marie Louise Munro


his best lure
passed to me
this floating world

Dan Schwerin


sand castle my carefully-constructed self

George Swede


tough choices
in the jury room—
lunch menus

Nicholas M. Sola


fog clinging to the hills
the dresses
I never wear

Lesley Anne Swanson


Ash Wednesday service—
wearing the heels
that pinch

Julie Warther



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