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haiku & senryu

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2013 Spiess Awards

featured essays (pdf files):

"Gendai Haiku: What is It?"
by Hiroaki Sato

"William Carlos Williams and Haiku"
by Edward Zuk

"Haiku and Ockham's Razor:
The Example of Jack Kerouac
by Mike Spikes

by Gary L. Brower



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books reviews:
(one pdf file)

Spring Clouds, by Bruce Ross (Bangor, Maine: Tancho Press, 2012).

Before Music: Haiku, by Philip Rowland (Winchester, Va.: Red Moon Press, 2012).

The Humours of Haiku, edited by David Cobb (Cullercoats, North Shields, England: Iron Press, 2012).

Third Australian Haiku Anthology, edited by Jacqui Murray, and Katherine Samuelowicz (Chapel Hill, Qld., Australia: Paper Wasp, 2011).

Evening Breeze: The Anthology from the Inaugural Janice M Bostok Award, edited by Jacqui Murray (Chapel Hill, Qld., Australia: Paper Wasp, 2012).

Molecular Lament (2012; 193 pages); Torus (2012, 45 pages); Perlerorneq (2013, 97 pages), all by John Martone (No place [Charleston, Ill.]: Samuddo/Ocean); no ISBNs.

Pillars of Fire: Haibun and Haiku, by Steven Carter (Uxbridge, England: Alba Publishing, 2011).

Book of Dreams: Haibun, by Steven Carter (Winchester, Va.: Red Moon Press, 2012).

Dear Corlies/Dear Dorothy: Letters to My Parents: Haibun, by Steven Carter (No place: Gean Tree Press, 2013).

A Bouquet of Balkan Haiku
reviewed by Charlie Trumbull

Balkan haiku books reviews:
(one pdf file)

Shadows of Chestnuts: Anthology of Serbian Haiku Poetry from the Second Half of the 20th Century to the Present, by Aleksandar Pavic, ed. English translations by Sava Vazic. (Baēka Palanka/Novi Sad, Serbia: Adresa, 2012).

Without Keys: Haiku Poems with Love, by Zoran Mimica (No place [Winchester, Va.]: PyTau Press, 2012).

A Breeze in My Hair, by Ljudmila Milena Mrvic. Edited by Dubravko Korbus. English translations by Durda Vukelic Rozic (Ivanic-Grad, Croatia: self-published, 2012).

Mountain Flowers of Zepa, by Smajil Durmiševic. English translations by Durda Vukelic Rozic (Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina: Meligrafpint, 2012).

Pay Day, edited by Valentin Nicolitov (Bucharest: Editura Societatii Scriitorilor Romāni, 2012).

A Path Through Autumn Grasses: Photo-Haiku and Other Visual Poems, by Dan Doman (Cluj-Napoca, Romania: Editura Limes, 2012).



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