Volume 43.2
Summer 2012


sample haiku & senryu


at lunch I try to swallow
her words

Debbi Antebi


shoeshine boy—
his bare

Aditya Bahl


rhododendrons . . .
he asks if I’m ready
for the second coming

Francine Banwarth


presidential debate
I clean
the litter box

Barb Behrendt


sunning itself on a river rock her string bikini

Johnny Baranski


   crayon sunset
I’ll never become
   a grandmother

Cynthia Cechota


the haiku
of a humpback whale
one breath

Bill Cooper


shooting stars he reloads his rifle

Aubrie Cox


summer stars
she bathes the baby
in a tin washtub

Ferris Gilli


art museum
she fixes her face
in the restroom mirror

Gregory Hopkins


starry night —
before I was grown up
I was Wonder Woman

Patricia J. Machmiller


dinosaur exhibit
little handprints
in the dust

Christina Nguyen


the blood of Christ

Bill Pauly

they bloom again
after the divorce . . .
black-eyed susans

Carmi Soifer

a jacked-up car
by the side of the road
drizzling rain

Cor van den Heuvel

tumor malignus
that ancient language
not yet dead

Ernest Wit


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