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Volume 33.2
Summer 2002

book review

Bonbon na dezju / Bonbona na kisi / Candy in the Rain
edited by
Edin Saracevic

translated by Alenka Zorman


reviewed by Charles Trumbull

Bonbon na dezju / Bonbona na kisi / Candy in the Rain, by Edin Saracevic. Translated by Alenka Zorman, and with an introduction by Dimitar Anakiev (Kranj, Slovenia: self published [Haiku Balkan Edition], 2001). 75 pages, paper, perfectbound; 5 x 8. ISBN 961-236-165-7. $10.00 postpaid from the author at Janeza Puhara 6, 4000 Kranj, Slovenia; e-mail: <edin.saracevic@guest.arnes.si>.


This handsomely produced book is the first collection by an important figure on the Slovenian haiku scene. Except for one appearance in the Frogpond international issue last year, Saracevic (born 1964, a philosophy teacher in a gymnasium in Ljubljana) has published only in local journals and on the Internet, so this slender volume essentially marks his international debut. These 25 haiku, presented in Slovene, Croatian, and English, reveal a poet sensitive to the minutiae of everyday life and lyrical in his description of them. Here is the title poem and one other favorite:

na padli bonbon
nezno kaplja dez
in ga topi . . .
fallen candy—
softly melting it

brusim sekiro—
veter prinasa
vonj po snegu
sharpening the axe—
wind brings
the smell of snow




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