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Volume 33.2
Summer 2002

book review

by Linda Robeck


reviewed by Robert Spiess

Arriving by Linda Robeck (Galadriel's Garden Press, 2001). 78 pages, paper, perfectbound, $7.00, From the author at 153 Kimball Road, Amesbury, MA 01913.


This book of haiku and senryu is Linda Robeck's first. Many of its one-to-a-page poems have previously been published in a dozen periodicals. The type is simple and of very easily read size. A selection of six:

mating season
the slow tumble of crows
in the air


pay cut
suddenly the price
of everything


new wife—
the hesitation
before the signature


home from the vet
in the empty yard
a dish of rain


whispered secrets
the drowsing cat
flicks an ear


the heart-shaped chocolates
half price

Linda Robeck, too, has a scientific background: aerospace engineering degrees from MIT and Stanford University, and 20 years of employment with NASA In which she worked on a variety of projects concerned with space exploration missions.




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