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Volume 33.2
Summer 2002

book review

Within and Between
by Robert H. Deluty


reviewed by Robert Spiess

Within and Between by Robert H. Deluty (Gateway Press, 2000). 90 pages, hardbound. $18.45 postpaid from University of Maryland, Baltimore County Bookstore, 1000 Hilltop Circle, Baltimore, MD 21250, or from the author at 4783 Ilkley Moor Lane, Ellicott City, MD 21043.

This hard cover, very nicely printed book on quality paper, has 94 general poems and 153 haiku and, mostly, senryu. The general poems have a large variety of themes and styles: witty, poignant, psychological, Jewish themes, humorous, urban settings, and many about children.

From the haiku and senryu, a few of my many favorites:

pointing, laughing
as they try on wigs—
children on chemo


Auschwitz survivor
stares at grandsons’s arm:
skull-and-bones tattoo


old Southern lady
punctuating each insult
with "Bless her heart"


graduation day—
under their robes,
T-shirts and tattoos


stunned fiancé—
her gown’s price tag
has a comma


three-year-old’s ears . . .
ER doctor performs


Christian photographer
prompts Jewish bride:
Smile, Jesus loves you


girlfriend’s parents
can’t see beyond
his Asian eyes

Good reading in several genres.



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