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Volume 33.1
Winter Spring

book review

So Here You Are
by Cid Corman


reviewed by Robert Spiess

So Here You Are by Cid Corman; tel-let, 325 W. Tyler, #B, Charleston, IL 61920-1865; 2001, 22 pp., paper, $5 ppd.

With one haiku to a page this 8 1/2" x 11" stapled booklet contains versions of Bashô’s haiku. All are in 5/7/5 syllabic form. Three examples are included here, paralleled by Makoto Ueda’s translations (on the right) from his Bashô and His Interpreters: Selected Hokku with Commentary (Stanford University Press, Stanford, California, 1991):

The cats making love
once they’ve stopped in the bedroom
a faint vernal moon.
cat’s love—
when its over, hazy
moonlight in the bedroom


A full harvest moon
coming to this very gate
the tide its highest.
the harvest moon—
crawling up to my gate
the rising tide

Today is the time—
folks—getting old gets to feel
a first wintry blast.
just for today
let us all be aged men—
first winter shower

Perhaps a bit pricey for the number of poems and type of production, but one may wish to weigh this against Cid Corman’s innovative versions.



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