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Volume 33.2
Summer 2002

book review

On the Second Day: A Haiku Sequence with Pictorial Reflections
by David Brady


Reviewed by Robert Spiess

On the second day: a haiku sequence with pictorial reflections, by David Brady (self-published, 2001). 42 pages, paper. $5.00/£3.00 postpaid from the author at 121 Norwood Road, Stretford, Manchester M32 8PP, UK.

This chapbook-size booklet has four (usually) poems on the left pages and interesting photographs or paintings in color or black and white on the left pages. A sampling of the poems:

my hand’s shadow
to turn out the light


raven’s ragged wings
go sailing, tilting, drifting
since the pitching ark


old ones
by the Post Office
gaze at the sky


wedding photograph—
the hair on the knees
of the Scottish piper

Well manufactured, although the italic type size for the poems is a bit small.




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