Modern Haiku Volume 1-10 CD

Introduction by Randy M. Brooks

The Modern Haiku Board and editors are pleased to make available to collectors, scholars, and the general public this archive of the first ten years of Modern Haiku on a single CD-ROM.

This disk features facsimiles of all pages from Volume 1.1 (winter 1969), through Volume 10.3 (autumn 1979). For the first two years Modern Haiku was a quarterly; thereafter it has been published three times a year.

This CD comprises simple HTML files, so the contents may be read with any Web browser. All pages of each issue, including front and back covers, were scanned from a set of original issues, some of which are in less than perfect condition, so the quality of the images has sometimes suffered somewhat.

The table of contents for each issue is an image map, so the user can click on a featured item and jump immediately to that page. Alternatively, the user may read through an issue by clicking on a right-hand page to continue to the next page or click on a left-hand page to go back to the previous page. A click on the nameplate (Modern Haiku) at the top of any page jumps back to the title page of that issue, or from there back to the index of all issues.

The index of authors, prepared by Modern Haiku Editor Charles Trumbull, records, in alphabetical order by author, the contents of the first ten years of the journal. Included are all essays, reviews, regular features, and—most significantly—the full text of every haiku and senryu that were published. Note that titles and texts are presented throughout with leading articles in normal order, e.g., “A Certain Hunger” rather than “Certain Hunger, A.” Location data are given in the format “volume: number, page(s)”; that is, “10:3, 23” indicates volume 10, issue 3, page 23. A list of links to all issues is provided to help the user jump directly to the issue sought. The complete Modern Haiku author index to volumes 1–10 is also provided in PDF format on this CD.

Graphic design is by Modern Haiku Art Director Lidia Rozmus.

We hope to publish CD-ROMs with the contents of subsequent decades of the journal in the future.

Researchers are asked to cite the Modern Haiku issue and page numbers in their work, and to seek permission from the editors to republish or post any portion of this CD in print or in electronic venues. For questions or permissions please contact:

Randy M. Brooks
Web Editor, Modern Haiku
6 Madera Court
Taylorville, IL 62568

It is also available for online purchase from the Brooks Books web site at:

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