Modern Haiku • Volumes 1-10 • 1969-1979

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Volumes 1–10 (1969–1979)

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• prepared by Charles Trumbull •

This index records, in alphabetical order by author, the contents of the first ten years of Modern Haiku. Included are all essays, reviews, regular features, and—most significantly—the full text of every haiku and senryu that appeared in the pages of MH.

Please note that the haiku texts in this index suppress the formatting, extra spaces, and leading punctuation of the originals, and punctuation marks such as dashes and ellipses have been standardized.

In addition to normal book reviews we have identified as “book notes,” those works that were listed under the “Books Reviewed” heading; these usually contain only the barest bibliographical information.

Titles and texts are presented throughout with leading articles in normal order, i.e., “A Certain Hunger” rather than “Certain Hunger, A.”

Location data are given in the format “volume: number, page(s)”; that is, “10:3, 23” indicates volume ten, issue 3, page 23.

Codes in parentheses after page citations indicate that the indexed haiku appeared in one of the following: a = article/essay; i = interview; l = letter; m = memorial piece; r = review; or w = workshop or how-to article.

You may access a PDF version of the complete Modern Haiku Author Index Volumes 1-10.


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How fresh it looks / after the raging storm: / a red spring rose 10:3, 23 (a)
In his mask of bone / the moon knocks at my window / Dead man, let me sleep 8:4, 45 (r)
it’s autumn / Cezanne’s cardplayers / move north / through the trees 8:4, 45 (r)
Moon / on / no / one 8:4, 45 (r)
Overtaking and passing her / I saw / she wasn’t worth the trouble 8:2, 46 (r)
She’ll put the daffodils / in the broken / coke bottle / on your window sill 8:4, 45 (r)
the wind: a grey man / carrying an empty cage — / where is the lost bird? 8:4, 45 (r)
Those dry Persian rugs / on the hood / of her pickup / such a bright meadow 8:4, 45 (r)
tonight children / shake their shoes / at the cold wind / in black sunflowers 8:4, 45 (r)
After a night’s sleep / with her love, / she has a restful nap alone. 8:2, 46 (r)
Ombra / Satan’s cape / tied at my shoulder / holds me in place / like zero 8:4, 45 (r)
Look! Preening their feathers / how many vultures there are / sitting among the eagles. 2:4, 16 (a)

Book Notes

A Certain Hunger, by Jaye Giammarino [book note] 6:1, 47
A Distant Thunder, by S.L. Poulter [book note] 6:1, 47
A Flight of Herons, by Lorraine Ellis Harr [book note] 9:2, 48
A Haiku Journey, by Dorothy Britton and Dennis Stock [book note] 6:1, 47
A Language without Words, by Cid Corman [book note] 4:3, 63
A Pepper Pod: Haiku Sampler, by Shôson (Kenneth Yasuda) [book note] 7:2, 47
A 2nd Flake, by Anita Virgil [book note] 5:3, 47
A Small Piece of Chalk: Haiku Poems, by Steven Gratton [book note] 8:3, 47
A Thousand Petals, Haiku and Tanka, by Jinna Johnson [book note] 2:2, 47



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